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              [Model]: CP050050
              [Input Voltage]: 100-240V
              [Output Voltage]: 5V/0.5A
              [Size]: 1:D68.5*W35.5*H30.5mm
              [Protection]: Over-voltage Protection, Over-current Protection, Short Circuit Protection.
              [Reliability]:Temperature Rise (Burn-In): 85-95% Load For Each, 40 ± 5 ℃, 4 Hours.
              Leakage Current: 0.25mA MAX 254VAC.
              Insulation Voltage (Between The Primary And Secondary): 3000VAC, 60S, 10mA MAX .
              MTBF: According to MIL-HDBK-217F Standard, Full Load, 25 ℃, More Than 5000 Hours.
              [AppliesTo Equipment]: LCD Monitor, LED Lights, HDD Enclosure, ADSL, DPF, Refrigerators, Portable DVD, Stereo, Radio, Security System Products Etc.
              [Product Features]:Well Designed, Lightweight Beautiful Appearance, And Competitive Price.
              Low Empty Load And Standby Energy Loss, In Line With The CEC Standard.
              Ultra-safe Design, In Line With Safety Certification Of Different Countries.
              Highly Efficient Circuit Design, Stable Performance, Low Temperature.
              Humanity Directed Power Working Status.
              Built-In Anti-electromagnetic Interference Filter.
              Super-Power Supply, Fixed Frequency Control Circuit To Ensure Stability To Provide Continuous Dynamic Long-Term Output Voltage For a Wide Range Of Shift Electronic Equipment.
              [Safety Certification]:UL,BSMI,CE,LVD
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